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A commercial truck driver lives an interesting and potentially hazardous life.  Driving commercial trucks means being on the road all day and sometimes all night. Frequent stops to pick up goods and long drives to drop off those goods is the every day life of a trucker. With the constant stop and go driving and driving from one place to another, it is no surprise that commercial driver accidents, like semi-truck accidents, are common and as the vehicle is so large and driving at high speed, these accidents tend to be severe.

If you are a person injured in an accident with a commercial driver, it is vital to speak with an experienced commercial / car accident lawyer to help you right away. An truck accident lawyer Olympia can not only explain the consequences of your injury, but also help with the legal options available. At Mark A. Hammer & Associates, Inc., have four decades of experience helping accident victims recover for their injuries.

Commercial Truck Driving Can Be Dangerous.

Truck drivers perform a vital service, but they are also happen to involve large heavy trucks driving long distance, often for many hours every day. Commercial trucks are very large so drivers can live on the road this means they need fewer return trips for unloading or reloading.  Maximizing time and profit.  For as amazing as large commercial trucks are, they are also rather dangerous:


• Large, heavier trucks tend to have many blind spots. Even with all their mirrors, commercial drivers often have limited visibility. A large truck visibility tends to be significantly less / worse than a car.

• Most people also fail to realize how much more difficult large trucks are to maneuver. The extra size results in greater damage in a collision, and the lack of maneuverability makes collisions more likely in emergency situations.

Common Injuries from Truck Driving Accidents

Due to the large size and weight of commercial trucks, accidents are usually very severe. People injured in a truck often involve significant trauma to the head, neck, and back, including concussions, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and paralysis. It is common for people involved in a truck accident often have injuries that include include broken arms, legs, and ribs, sprained knees and wrists, dislocations, and torn muscles, ligaments, or tendons.

For some of these injuries, associated complications can be permanent. For others, the recovery period is only a matter of weeks. Whatever the injury, and whatever its severity, it is critical to consult with an accident attorney as soon as possible. As noted in our car accident FAQs, an attorney can give perspective to an injury and help determine whether legal action is warranted. An attorney can also help decide the source from which recovery can be sought, an issue covered at length in our uninsured motorist FAQs.

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