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Every year, thousands of Washington State pedestrians suffer serious and sometimes permanent injuries as the result of motor vehicle collisions. Often these injuries require lengthy recovery times and sometimes these accidents even result in death. In busy cities like Kent and Auburn, negligent driving behaviors are a severe risks to pedestrians. If you suffered serious injuries from a pedestrian-motor vehicle accident, you may be eligible for financial compensation for your losses. Let the experienced lawyers at Mark A. Hammer & Associates, Inc. fight for what you deserve.

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Most pedestrian accident cases revolve around the idea of negligence. This means that someone was not being as careful as they reasonably should have been. Whether the driver was negligent often depends on several circumstances. Those circumstances around the accident include the speed of the car, whether the driver was texting or distracted, the presence of a crosswalk, lighting conditions, the time of day, and any nearby traffic signals or lights and so much more. The right-of-way often determines fault.

It is vital to have an experienced legal team fighting for your rights as soon as possible as you can be sure that the insurance companies will be aggressive about paying you as little as possible for your accident and recovery.

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Unfortunately, being a pedestrian can be both wonderful but also very dangerous. Despite the fact that every one is a pedestrian for at least a little bit of every day, walking in and around Kent and Auburn streets comes with significant dangers. The Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) indicates that between 2005 and 2016, pedestrian traffic fatalities have continually trended upwards. There are a shocking number of pedestrian accidents.

Pedestrian-vehicle accidents are almost always shockingly brutal. When a car, bus or truck collides with a pedestrian, the pedestrian loses every time and injuries tend to be severe. Many pedestrians die. Pedestrians who survive their accident frequently face a life cruelly transformed by new and painful challenges and disabilities. Drivers who are careless or reckless are often to blame for that suffering. Pedestrians injured in by a vehicle need strong, aggressive, legal representation to protect and pursue their rights in and out of court.

The prevalence of pedestrian accidents at Kent and Auburn intersections and in marked crosswalks, reflects the growing risk of distraction for pedestrians on American roadways. Cell phone use has exploded over the past decade and drivers and walkers alike find themselves captivated in their screens just when their attention should be on where they are walking or where they are driving. Pedestrians view crosswalks as safe spaces to walk, and yet their danger to pedestrians suggests just how common it is for one or more people involved in a pedestrian traffic accident to be distracted.

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Pedestrian accident victim Kent WA?

Pedestrian-vehicle accidents are often fatal, because of how vulnerable pedestrians are to an impact with a vehicle and/or the road surface. Pedestrians lucky enough to survive the accident may nevertheless face a lifetime of disabling injuries and pain. There is no limit to the trauma a collision between a pedestrian and a vehicle can cause, but some of the more common injuries pedestrians sustain in these accidents include:

Injuries often include the following: Traumatic brain injuries, Spinal cord injuries, Crushed or traumatically amputated limbs, Extreme lacerations, Broken bones and orthopedic injuries, Severe internal and soft tissue damage.

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